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Why use Hamper Haven??
Benefits for YOU & YOUR business!
Ribbons can be printed with your business logo and glasses can be etched with your business logo for extra impact! 

1. To WOW your clients and get them talking about your business!! 
2.  To lock in loyalty
3. Gifts are a TAX DEDUCTION!!
4. To get happy clients talking about you! (word of mouth advertising)
5. To secure repeat business
6. To make your business 'different', stand out from the crowd.
7. Customer appreciation. (they notice the personal touch, trust me!)
8. Free gift cards if required
9. Free delivery  (conditions apply)
10. Free advertising on this website
11. Hassle free client pampering

Corporate Clients
There is no denying these gift baskets sell themselves....one of my clients had to keep the hampers out of sight as they were attracting too much curiosity and excitement among clients in the reception area !...one client was overheard asking if they were calling the company that gave out Hampers to their clients because they wanted to give their business to THAT company...so they could get one!...everyone loves getting something for free and more often than not they will tell all their friends and family about it and your business gets all that positive word of mouth advertising, plus you have WOWED your client and left them with a very favourable opinion of your company...i'm sure they'll be recommending you and coming back to you for years to come.
Want to expand your mailing list??
Use a Hamper Haven gift as a raffle prize!! Encourage new and existing clients to register their contact details for free entry...it's the easiest way to boost your mailing list and find new clients!!
Don't forget your out of town clients!!
Hamper Haven can produce POSTABLE HAMPERS such as the one pictured below....what an unexpected delight!!

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